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​Transplantation in Medical Park Hospitals Group;

Transplantation in Medical Park Hospitals Group;

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Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex Organ Transplantation Center and Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex Organ Transplantation Center provide superior services with great success to patients not only in Turkey but also on an international platform in the field of kidney, liver and pancreas transplantations in particular.

Organ transplantation is the most effective treatment method used in patients with terminal organ failure for whom it is not possible to treat due to various reasons. In Turkey, organ transplantation operations have started gaining widespread acceptance with the first successful kidney transplantation performed in the year 1975.

Presently, patients who cannot regain their health by means of other treatment methods get a second chance thanks to organ transplantations, and their quality of life is sustained together with that of their families. In Turkey, kidney transplantation is possible by using the organ of a relative up to the 4th degree who is also a donor.

Survival Rates for Kidney Transplant in Antalya Medical Park

The 'Organ Transplantation Team' broke a new world record for recovery figures following a transplant.

Survival rates for patients undergoing kidney transplants are 98% one year post-transplant, and 96,7% three years after transplant while it is 95,1% one year post-transplant, and 79,8 three years after transplant in USA.

Organ transplantation is the moving of an organ from one body to another for the purpose of replacing the recipient's damaged or failing organ with a working one from the donor site.


• Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex Organ Transplantation Center started its operations on November 21 2008 and since then has performed 1225 transplantation operations successfully. The number of transplantations performed in a year elevated this center to the leading position in the world.

• Furthermore, the center achieved follow-up capability above world averages due to 98 percent patient survival rate and more than 95 percent organ survival rate.

• This center performs one third of all the transplantations in Turkey, and has performed more transplantations than those handled in many European countries like Belgium, Norway and Sweden in a year.

• The first triple and quadruple cross donor kidney transplantations as in the history of medicine in Turkey were performed at Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex Organ Transplantation Center.

• The Center has the first cross transplantations team in Turkey that has also handled the largest number of procedures in Europe.


Over 800 Organ Transplants Per Year

Medical Park Organ Transplantation Center enjoys a reputation for its investments, specialization and success stories not only within Turkey but also around the world.

Medical Park is on par with world’s foremost centers operating in the fields of organ failure and organ transplantation, in terms of advanced technology and specialization. 800 organ transplantations are being performed per year at Medical Park Hospitals Group.

As part of its mission to save more people lives, Medical Park started performing organ transplantations in 2008 and performed 68 organ transplantations within its first year. Medical Park has performed 2.331 kidney, liver and pancreas transplantations to date, 512 being in 2009, 544 in 2010, 564 in 2011 and 643 in 2012. The success rates it has achieved in these operations are equivalent to those observed in the U.S.

In 2012, the total number of kidney transplantations performed at Turkish institutions authorized by Ministry of Health was 2903. During the same year, the total number of kidney transplantations performed at Medical Park Hospitals Group has reached 800.

Organ Transplantation Success Rates

In Medical Park Antalya Hospital, total 3683 organ transplantation surgeries were carried out.

  • Kidney transplantation: 3.447
  • Liver transplantation: 202
  • Pancreas transplantation: 34
  1. 550 organ (Kidney + Liver + Pancreas) transplantations on average are carried out in a year.
  2. One fifth of kidney transplantations in Turkey are carried out in Medical Park.
  3. In Turkey, 3.000 kidney transplantations on average are carried out in one year and 500 of them are carried out in Antalya Medicalpark. In other words, one sixth of the total organ transplantation surgeries in Turkey has been performed in Antalya MedicalPark
  4. Kidney transplantations in Turkey are carried out in Medical Park Antalya Hospital alone.
  5. There is no difference between the success rates of transplantations with tissue compatibility and transplantations without tissue compatibility. In other words, success rate of organ transplantations without tissue compatibility is also really high in Medicalpark.
  6. By-pass and kidney transplantation surgeries were carried out in the same session, for the first time in the world, in Medical Park Antalya Hospital.
  7. The survival rates announced by United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) in the USA: - 1-year patient survival 97.9% - 3-year patient survival 94% - 5-year patient survival 89.4%
  8. Survival rates in MP Antalya Hospital, announced by Ministry of Health Turkish Organ and Tissue Registration System data is higher than UNOS data announced in the U.S.
    • 1-year patient survival: 97.8%
    • 3-year patient survival: 97.4%
    • 5-year patient survival: 95.7%

You Can Live 6 Lives

You Can Live 6 Lives

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