International Patient Center

International Patient Center

We are honored by providing assistance to people all over the World with our qualified JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited medical services consisted of excellence centers, internationally experienced specialists, 24/7 multilingual patient support, VIP hospitalization, free of charge transfer services and overall reasonable quotations.

MEDICAL PARK provides personalized liaison (concierge) services such as:

• Coordination of hospital, physician and diagnostic appointments

• From A to Z VIP services

• Concierge services

• Free Medical Second Opinion

Free of charge translation services for all the procedures

• 24-hour emergency services, including air ambulance transfer coordination

• Travel arrangement assistance (letters for travel visas and pick-up services etc.)

• Accomodation assistance (hotel, aparts etc.)

Assistance with financial concerns:

• Coordination with primary insurance and travel assistance companies

• Cost estimations and package pricing for uninsured, self-paying patients

• Coordination of advanced deposit payments (wire transfers, etc.)

• Transfer of medical records

• Assistance with any pending concerns after your discharge from the hospital

What Sets Us Apart

• The latest medical treatment know-how and equipment

• Personalized assistance with all medical and travel arrangements.

• A diverse, welcoming country: people from every culture can find what they need to feel themselves at home in Turkey.

Whether you are a patient, family member or referring physician, feel free to contact us at:

MEDICAL PARK Hospitals Group

International Patient Center

+90 212 227 11 00

In an ever growing global community, health care is not limited to a person's home country. One of the world's preeminent providers of medical care, MEDICAL PARK Hospitals Group is thoroughly experienced in meeting the special needs and concerns of international patients.Within MEDICAL PARK Hospitals Group, the INTERNATIONAL PATIENT CENTER always goes a step further than others, by assisting international patients with all their needs before, during and after their stay, ensuring that their experience with MEDICAL PARK is a positive one. Our role is to help them become as comfortable as possible during their stay.

From the moment the patient or family member contacts us, one of our well trained international patient representatives starts acting as their very personal, main liaison with MEDICAL PARK and ensures effective communications.

The multilingual, multicultural staff at the INTERNATIONAL PATIENT CENTER offers numerous special services & amenities to make the stay a comfortable and fondly memorable one. The IPC Team is dedicated to making patients and their families feel at home by focusing on their cultural needs and by providing individualized attention. MEDICAL PARK understands that visiting a hospital, especially in a foreign country, can be stressful. For that reason our INTERNATIONAL PATIENT CENTER staff is ready to assist the patient and family members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

At the INTERNATIONAL PATIENT CENTER, our team takes great pride in providing highly personalized services. The staff members of the International Patient Center are compassionate and sensitive to the special needs of all cultures and they strive to make every patient's experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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